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The NeedShilohButterfly

There is a compelling need for Housing and Training services. The number one indicator of poverty in the United States is single parent households (Pam Stenzel). 

  • In Collin County there are over 7,200 single mother households.[i] 
  • A 2012 survey counted over 320 homeless adults in Collin County.[ii] Over half of them reported having children with them. That number is up 50% over last year. The majority of these homeless families are single women.[iii]
  • Single moms often reside in unstable and threatening environments.[iv]Cara Mendelsohn, chairwoman of the Collin County Homeless Coalition said many homeless women and children live in cars, storage units, and motels. They do not want to be found for fear of losing their children.
  • Lynne Sipiora, Executive Director of the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in McKinney states “We’ve been turning away 30 to 50 families a week for 18 months.” A majority of these families are single mother families.
  • 67% of Collin County single moms have children under the age of 18 and 67% of these single moms live below the poverty line. [v],[vi]
  • 20% of single moms in Collin County have less than a high school education.[vii] Low levels of parental education is another key contributing factor for being low income.[viii]

These frightening statistics create a bleak picture for single women struggling to provide for their children. Without a strong support system and training opportunities these moms face very challenging futures. Their children’s future is also at risk. These generational effects become costly for society since a high percentage of these families continue to rely on government assistance to meet basic life needs.

Our Response

We cannot wait for federal or state government to assist.  We must ask ourselves:

  • Can our government effectively provide the housing, training, and spiritual support in one location for these mothers?  Shiloh Place will.
  • As Christians do we not have an obligation to provide not just material support but the tools and training to give these women and their children the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and despair?
  • Won’t it be better for the mothers, the children, and our community when they become economically independent and better parents?

The purpose of Shiloh Place is to provide women and children a safe, Christian environment while they acquire the life and work skills necessary to become productive, self-sustaining, self-respecting moms.  Shiloh provides subsidized housing, life-skills training, and case management support so single mothers can secure the education and job training necessary to obtain employment that pays a livable wage.  A steady, livable wage can help them to become self-sufficient and not dependent on government support.  This eases the economic burden on the local community.



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