Volunteer and Become A #LifeChanger

We have recently made a few changes to our volunteer opportunities.  Please read below to learn more about how to currently get involved at Shiloh Place.

Please note…We are no longer accepting clothing or household donationsDue to very limited storage space and restrictions of needing particular sizes, shapes and fits, we were receiving an unmanageable amount of donations.  Further the organizing and tracking of these donations was taking up an excessive amount of our staff’s limited time. This has led us to create partnerships with other local organizations to help fill these and uphold our standard of stewardship. 

Ways to Volunteer…

  •  Deep Cleaning our common areas and office
  • Childcare on Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 8 while the moms are attending their required life skills class. (Background check required)
  • Seasonal yard work  (donations of mulch and seasonal flowers would be greatly appreciated)
  • Join the “on-call” maintenance team.  (If you can fix projects around your home, you are qualified to help here!)
  • Adopt an Apartment:  Fully or partially cover the prepping of an apartment for a new family.  Note: This year we expect that every family will graduate and we will have a new family take their place.
  • Help us Tell our Story — Voted Best Way to Volunteer!  SHILOH TALKS has become our most effective development tool and In as little as 15 minutes or as long as you want a Shiloh representative will tell the Shiloh Place story from conception to present day in a way that allows for discussion, questions and gives attendees a way to take immediate action   To learn more CLICK HERE